These staff members left a lasting impression on us

Jenny Ashbay, Patient

The Bronson Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) did an amazing job growing and caring for my triplets (identical girls and a boy) born at 32 weeks. The NICU is both terrifying and amazing but the staff there is so great at what they do, and the nurses were so compassionate and would reassure me and comfort me when I got overwhelmed. They were such a blessing to us.

Bronson Maternal-Fetal Medicine did an amazing job caring for me and the babies during the pregnancy and doing everything in their power to get the babies safely to 32 weeks despite a life threatening complication with our identical girl twins. I loved all my Drs and was truly sad when their care for me was done.

I stayed on the antepartum floor for the last 6 weeks of the pregnancy being monitored. It was so hard to be separated from my other children and my husband but the nurses were amazing and helped me get through it. They became my friends.

Please recognize Dr. Austin, Dr. Utter, Dr. Packard of MFM/nurse Leila in the NICU, Dr. Malin in Neonatology/ and nurse Michelle on the Antepartum floor. These staff members left a lasting impression on us.

We plan to bring or triplets back to visit soon and I’m so excited to see everyone again and have them see the babies!

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