There’s no better feeling than getting my life back again.

Lisa Fitzpatrick , Patient

From an early age, Lisa Fitzpatrick has always been active in sports. It wasn’t until after graduating high school when she found a passion for running. Unfortunately, her running mileage started to add up—causing the cartilage in her left hip to wear down. The discomfort in her hip persisted and progressed as she got older. Knowing that she couldn’t live with the intense pain much longer, Lisa called Bronson Sports Medicine Specialists to schedule a hip replacement consultation.

During her initial appointment with orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Steven Kokmeyer, and physician assistant, Lauren Heyboer, Lisa was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis. They also confirmed that she would be a good candidate for hip replacement surgery.

“Because Lauren shared that she was an athlete like I am, she was able to understand the challenges I was facing,” Lisa explained. “It was both reassuring and comforting to know that she could relate on a personal level with what I was going through.”

Lisa prepared for her upcoming surgery by attending the joint replacement class at Bronson. “It gave me an overall picture of what hip replacement would be like from start to finish,” she said.

Shortly thereafter, Lisa went to Bronson Methodist Hospital for her surgery and came out with a new hip. “From check-in to pre-op, I felt well-informed during each step of the process,” Lisa said. “Nurse Colleen was very knowledgeable. I work in the medical field and even I was impressed.”

Following surgery, a physical therapist from Bronson Rehabilitation Services worked with Lisa to improve her mobility and to help her acclimate back to walking independently. Within two weeks, she was back at work and able to continue rehabilitation with at-home exercises. Even from home, she was able to communicate with Dr. Kokmeyer through her Bronson MyChart account.

Lisa Fitzpatrick on Stationery Bike_SYPNow, Lisa is back to being active—riding her bike, walking and lifting weights. She advises anyone who is experiencing hip pain to explore the option of hip replacement surgery.

“There’s no better feeling than getting my life back again,” says Lisa.

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