There are a lot of great employment options at Bronson

Angie, Employee

This Sophomore Future Track Program event is a fantastic opportunity for Bronson and for our community. The recent event hosted college-bound high school students interested in pursuing a healthcare career. It allowed them to explore career paths and see what job opportunities will be available once they graduate from college. There were some really great stations set up by the teams at Bronson, like surgery, respiratory care, lab, emergency care, pharmacy and physical therapy.

It was great to see the students learn more about healthcare careers and learn about all the opportunities available throughout the hospital. Since Bronson has so many fantastic employment options for individuals of all experience levels, it was also great for students to learn what they need to do to get their foot in the door – whether that be through entry level work, internships, or full-time work once they graduate college.

*This story was gathered at Bronson Battle Creek during the Battle Creek College Access Network’s Sophomore Future Track Program, funded by the Battle Creek Community Foundation. The program partners several employers in the community to host more than 700 students at this one-day, hands-on, career exploration experience in a field of their interest. In 2019, Bronson welcomed 11 students and hosted career stations.