Their time and materials are being 100% donated to Bronson

Joe Pant, Employee

Josh Eby and Jake Meyer in Human Resources have stepped up in a huge way to help Bronson’s front line staff and anyone needing to wear a mask all day long.  We have heard employees are using paper clips, tied masks and many other ways to alleviate the stress on their ears.  Josh and Jake are using their unique talents and equipment to 3D print mask ear guards.  These keep the elastic straps off the ears of staff since they have to be worn so long now.

Last week these were tested and determined they were great!  At this point Josh, Jake and a few others have capacity to 3D print nearly 100 per day.  Their time and materials are being 100% donated to Bronson.  They have already delivered multiple boxes for the system to use.

Another amazing example of Bronson employees stepping up and helping each other in creative ways.

Mike Halifax, Matt Karel, Josh Blair, Kurt Shindledecker and Kevin Wokeck from information technology are also helping with this.