Their creativity and talent made a big difference in delivering an exceptional care experience

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Today we recognize Rob Chaplin and Mark Allen from our facilities team for their commitment to efficiency, unique talents, but most of all – for dedication to the delivery of exceptional care experiences.

Several months ago, our CT at Beckley Road was ‘out of service’ because a cooling system had failed.  Contractors informed us that fixing the unit was unlikely, and even attempting a repair would take at least two months.  Replacement cost of the unit was about $100,000 and also required a long lead time.  Anxious to avoid those high costs and recognizing that a lengthy shut-down of the CT would mean significant delays for patients . . . Rob Chaplin and Mark Allen stepped in to find out if they could help.  The team identified a creative fix that involved just $200 in parts.  It was installed the same day and the CT has been fully operational for the 90 days since.

Thanks to Rob and Mark for their creativity and talent.  What a great example demonstrating that all of us (clinical or non-clinical) can make a big difference in delivering an exceptional care experience.