The Whole World Needs More Positivity!

Tami Young, Community Member

Bronson nominated as "Employer of the Year"

I am a supervisor with Employment Action Services. We chose to nominate Bronson as our employer of the year last year because of the efforts that Jeff Brant, manager of environmental services with Bronson, took to carve out a position for one of the clients I work with, Julian Borst. After completing his Project Search internship at Bronson, Julian knew he wanted a career at the hospital. Though there wasn’t an open position that was the perfect fit at the time, Jeff stayed in contact with him. Soon, Jeff realized a there was a need at the hospital that wasn’t being fulfilled. Jeff took the time to work with environmental services leadership, as well as human resources, to create a position that worked well both for the hospital and for Julian.


Bronson has been very helpful and one of the best employers I’ve had the honor of partnering with. They embrace diversity.

I think Bronson Positivity is a great way for motivating employees and a source for sharing positivity. These stories are a great way to recognize what employees are doing. The whole world needs more positivity!