The whole team here is great – they go above and beyond for all patients!

Chris Scherer, Patient

Everything about the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center is great. The staff treats me like family, and they let me know everything I need to know, like what to expect with my treatment.

I’ve been coming here for years to receive treatment, most recently for my chronic myeloid leukemia. I just had surgery on September 24 in Kalamazoo and I’ve been at a nursing home since October 2. I’m supposed to come back to the Cancer Care Center later this month for a PET scan with Dr. Mishra, and if she says I don’t need chemo I’ll be very happy.

Dr. Mishra explains everything really well to me. If she tells me I need to have something done, I do it! I’ve been through three different cancers and I’ve fought them all here at the Cancer Care Center. The team in the treatment room goes above and beyond for all of their patients. Even the volunteers’ help us when they can. On Fridays they have someone that brings Panera in (Gretchen knows exactly what I like)! Plus, they know what room I like to be in and have everything ready for me when I arrive. I appreciate that they always greet you by name!

This year on Halloween, the Cancer Care Center had all sorts of decorations up. They do it every year. Last year I thought, “Kathy, we should do a Flintstones theme” and boom, they did it! It feels great seeing the team bring one of my ideas to life. I didn’t even have an appointment scheduled, but I still went to the center just to see the decorations. I wasn’t sure if I could get away from the nursing home, but they were nice enough to transport me to the hospital so I could see it. It makes us patients feel great when they do things like this – it is a lot of fun – especially having free treats in the lobby!

The whole team here is great – they go above and beyond for all patients!