The Whole Experience at Bronson Battle Creek was Wonderful!

Katrina, Patient

Eight weeks after knee replacement surgery, Katrina is enjoying a ride on her horse.

I love to ride horses. As the years went on, I would get quite a bit of pain in my knee, especially when I would ride. But I knew I really wanted to continue to ride. Two of my friends, Sandy and Sally, who also enjoy riding, both had total knee replacement surgery performed by Dr. Joe Burkhardt of Bronson Orthopedic Specialists in Battle Creek. Upon their suggestion, I made an appointment with Dr. Burkhardt who suggested a total knee joint replacement using robotic-assisted technology. I agreed and had the surgery at the end of October.

The whole experience at Bronson Battle Creek was wonderful! Even my husband, who stayed with me, agreed that the nurses were so kind and always attentive. Even when I was supposed to go to the joint replacement class prior to my surgery, I ended up with a migraine headache and couldn’t make it. Torri, the orthopedic nurse navigator met with me and my husband, one-on-one, and explained what to expect before and after surgery. She even stopped by to see me after surgery during my hospital stay.

After surgery, I went to physical therapy for two weeks. At my follow-up appointment with Dr. Burkhardt, he said there wasn’t a need for me to continue going to physical therapy since I always exercise, daily, at home.

Although it has just been just eight weeks and I’m still recovering, my leg is straighter and I’m back on my horse again!

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