The well-being of children is important to all of us at Bronson

Pam Ford , Employee

While expecting her second child, Haven Fulford contacted Safe Kids Greater South Haven knowing she needed another car seat. “I was concerned that with a newborn, I wouldn’t have the correct head support,” Haven says. “I want to keep my kids safe.”

Haven met Safe Kids coordinator, Pam Ford, who helped the family with a car seat for the baby on the way, then took a look at the car seat Haven’s son was using. “I found out that the seat was expired, and I needed a new one for him too. I had no idea.”

Helping moms like Haven is why the Bronson Health Foundation funded the launch of the Safe Kids program in the South Haven area. The program does more than making sure children’s car seats are safe. Ford and volunteers work with the school system and community partners to prevent childhood injuries in many areas including bicycle safety, winter sports safety, fire safety and water safety.

“The well-being of the children in our community is important to all of us at Bronson,” says Ford. “Preventable injuries are the number one killer of kids in the United States. I’m passionate about teaching children and parents how to make choices to stay safe.”

“It means everything,” says Haven. “If something was to happen to my children, I would feel terrible, because I know there are ways to keep them safe.”

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