This is the true meaning of going above and beyond for your patients

Rebekka Garvison, Employee

My pappy was diagnosed with lung cancer towards the end of 2017.  We knew it wasn’t good, but our whole family was going to fight and stand by his side until the end.  My grandpa wanted to be at home through it all and refused to be in a nursing home or hospice facility away from my nana and his house.  Bronson at Home nurses began to come out and care for him before hospice at home at the end.  My entire family can not thank his nurse John enough for everything he did for my grandpa.  From making him feel comfortable, putting a smile on his face, and going the extra mile to provide exceptional care, John was truly a blessing to all of us, especially pappy.  Soon Hospice started coming in and Bronson was no longer coming to take care of him.  That didn’t stop John from coming to check on pappy.  We had father’s day this year at my grandparents house with the entire family because we knew we wouldn’t have much time left with our pappy.  John pulled up and got out of his car.  He said whenever he is in the area he just has to stop in and visit and check-in on my pappy.  My pappy loves music and this is when John went the extra mile with my family.  John pulled his guitar out of his car and played some beautiful songs for my grandpa.  To say that my grandpa loved that would be a complete understatement.  My grandpa recently passed away and John was sure to stop over and check on my nana and our family.  My pappy liked this guy so much that he wanted him to play some music at his memorial.  John will be playing some songs with his guitar this weekend at my grandpa’s memorial.  This is the true meaning of going above and beyond for your patients.  He was more like a member of our family towards the end and we couldn’t thank him enough for the service he provided as a nurse, and the compassion and friendship he showed even after he was done being my grandpa’s at home nurse.