The team that we had caring for our daughter was hands down amazing

Heather Zemitans , Family Member

My husband and I had the unfortunate event of having to take our 4 year old daughter to the emergency department on Easter due to a broken arm. The team that we had caring for our daughter was hands down amazing. Ashlee R. RN was so patient and caring and even took the time to give my daughters stuffed animal a “cool cast” just like she was going to get. Becky P. RN was phenomenal at explaining the process of sedating her and getting her arm fixed up. Becky talked to her while she was being “sent off to sleep” about being at the beach and seeing the waves and hearing the seagulls which helped her have a pleasant experience while being sedated. It was very evident in their care for her that they aren’t just “doing their jobs”; they love their job and they are VERY good at it. It is so comforting as a parent to have others care for your child they way they would want their own cared for. We knew she was in good hands and they all made a very unpleasant situation better to handle for us all. In fact on the way home, our daughter said to us “I had fun today!” I am so grateful to the RN’s, residents and attendings that cared for us that day and made it a “fun” experience for her!

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