The staff is excellent and have created a bond with my wife

Murray, Family Member

In 2009, Murray’s wife Donna started having issues with dementia. She refused to eat and had a fear of going to the doctor. After experiencing a fall, he convinced Donna she needed to go to the hospital. The doctors recommended putting her in a nursing home to manage her care.

After difficult experiences in a nursing home, Murray decided to bring Donna home and started looking for home care. He chose Bronson at Home to provide personal care services three times per week for several hours a day.

Rena Zizelman, a certified nursing assistant, has now been working with Donna for the past two years. She provides personal care, bathing, feeding and meal preparation. “It’s such a positive time when she comes to care for my wife,” said Murray. “Having someone help Donna provides me relief and it’s a refreshing experience every time.”

Murray continued, “The staff is excellent and have created a bond with my wife. When Rena comes in the door, my wife gets the biggest smile on her face. It is one that cannot be replaced by other family members. She is a five star employee with specific skills. It’s important that everyone working in the home care field create a bond with their patient.”

Murray said he would have Rena come more often if he could, “I would definitely recommend Bronson at Home to provide personal care services. The aides have helped my wife and have helped me learn how to better care for her at home. I used to be a paramedic, but caring for Donna at home was a different experience. The aides are not afraid to make recommendations for how I could help her.”