The rock that she has been for the staff that is quite phenomenal to watch

Lisa Audette, Employee

I am a PCA that works on the Neurovascular Unit which is now also the COVID unit!! I have witnessed many amazing acts since the beginning of all of this but none quite as amazing as the acts by a fantastic Doctor Penny Rathburn. I have personally seen Penny bring flowers, candy, gum and magazines to her COVID patients!! I also started seeing Penny wear dresses to work. I said hey doc why you are you dressed up her response was classic. She stated that her COVID patients said that it brightened their day and made them happy to see her all done up!! So, she decided that if this simple act makes another person happy she would do it!! I know that Bronson already knows the value of Dr. Rathburn. But, she needs to be recognized for her COVID efforts.  She gives all of her patients the utmost kindness and goes above and beyond for them and it is super special to witness. But, it is the rock that she has been for the staff that is quite phenomenal to watch. COVID has been very difficult on all of us especially Penny. But, Penny is always there for us.  She comforts us when we have had a patient pass away. She has cried with us. She has sat and had lunch with us. She talks with us and not at us. She hates to be called doctor and tells everyone to refer to her as Penny. She is not arrogant. She listens. She is sweet. She is compassionate. She loves her job. Her best quality in my opinion is her kindness.  She really takes time with each and every patient and her bedside manor is bar none the best I have ever witnessed in my medical career! But, her COVID efforts cannot be swept under the rug.  She needs to hear how much we needed her through all of this and she needs to know that she has impacted the lives of so many patients and their families. But, she was THERE for the COVID staff in a way that most could never truly understand unless they saw it for themselves.  Thank you Penny for everything you have done. I know that COVID has been stressful and sad. It continues to amaze me how you have persevered through all of this!  You truly have the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met.  There is no text book that teaches a doctor to have love of her co-workers and patients. Penny has this down to a science. She is respected, appreciated and most of all loved.  Thank you just isn’t enough!!