The power of Bronson Positivity is an amazing thing!

Grant Fletcher, Patient

After narrowly failing to qualify for the Boston Marathon in the spring of 2012, I found myself suffering from severe lower back and right leg pain. Diagnosed in November of 2012, by the most thorough and thoughtful team of doctors that I have ever encountered, with a herniated L5-S1 disc, I was not optimistic about my chances of returning to running, let alone qualifying for the Boston, a goal and dream I have been chasing since I began running in 1999.

Dr. Kilmer was my initial point of contact with Bronson’s Neuroscience Center. She quickly identified the source of my pain and offered several options for next steps in care. Her thoughtful and deliberate decision to start with physical therapy, in hopes of avoiding surgery allowed me time to better understand my injury and pain, as well as allow me much needed time to consider the implications of back surgery (which is a scary concept the first time you hear it). She was certain at every step of the process to be sure that I understood what was happening and what each option entailed.

After some failed attempts at physical therapy, in January of 2013, the determination was made to proceed with a partial laminectomy. I felt comfortable and confident with my ultimate decision to proceed with surgery, due largely to Dr. Kilmer’s initial willingness and ability to patiently explain and educate me throughout my experience. Every moment of my hospital experience was an absolute pleasure. Each and every doctor, nurse, and support staff team member that I encountered was kind, thoughtful and pleasant. The procedure was a breeze and I experienced near immediate relief from my symptoms.

Several months following my surgery, performed by the graceful and precise hands of Dr. Wiggins, I was off and running again (probably against their recommendation, please don’t tell on me). One year later, in the summer of 2014, I successfully checked two lifetime goals off of my bucket list: qualifying for the Boston Marathon, and breaking the three hour mark. Still in the youngest and fastest age bracket, I qualified with a personal best marathon time of 2:57.

I am confident that I would not have been able to accomplish this without the caring hands that attended to me during my procedure at Bronson Methodist Hospital. Thank you to every member of the team who cared for me. The power of Bronson Positivity is an amazing thing!