The perfect example of Bronson Positivity

Wanda Ihrman, Family Member

I am writing to tell you about one of your superior employees. I am sure you have heard his name before, Jim DiTaranto. Dr. Mollberg told us that everyone loves Jim. Now we know why. My family and I wanted to let you know what a kind, caring and giving person Jim is – not only to his patients but family as well.

Jim was never too busy to take or return a phone call. When my husband Paul had a chest tube, Jim taught me how to drain the lung at home. He went over this process many times. He never once became frustrated or aggravated when I would call for assistance, reassurance or to make him aware of a problem. Some weeks I would have to call once a day. At that time I didn’t realize that Jim saw patients outside of Dr. Mollberg’s office.

For several months over the summer Jim was a great mentor to me as I cared for my husband’s drain and wound at home. He would reassure me that I wasn’t being a bother and was patient and kind beyond belief Jim is the perfect example of Bronson Positivity!

Dr. Mollberg performed surgery on Paul in July, but due to many other medical issues that presented themselves after the fact, the surgery wasn’t able to fix the lung as originally expected. Paul spent three weeks in the hospital this fall. The Hospitalists, nurses, Dr. Mollberg and of course Jim, worked tirelessly to save him. They did everything and more! As soon as one thing would be fixed, something else would go wrong, but no one gave up and they really thought outside the box on his treatments. For that we are so grateful. I have never seen such a dedicated group of doctors and Jim was right there as well. Paul said when he could see Jim or hear his voice, he knew he was in good hands and felt reassured. In fact, after Paul came home (with Hospice care) and was close to the end of his life, he said, “Wanda, call Jim and tell him thank you for everything he did for us”.

Bronson was wonderful. Every employee we can in contact with from cafeteria staff to PCAs, they all treated us like family. Positivity at Bronson is really evident. It is working! Jim Di Taranto is a perfect example of this. He is truly one in a million.