The orthopedics team, led by Dr. Joseph Burkhardt, very successfully completed two procedures.

Michael Murphy, Patient

I’d experienced some knee pain and developed and aggravated some related problems, due in part to 40+ years of physical activity.  Recently, a Bronson Hospital Battle Creek Orthopedics team, led by Dr. Joseph Burkhardt, quickly diagnosed the underlying issues, assessed and fully discussed with me potential alternatives, and – with my agreement and full participation, has very successfully completed two procedures and devised and coordinated a follow-up care plan that considers my lifestyle and overall well-being.

I wish to thank Dr. Burkhardt, Anesthesiologists Dr. Alan Angel and Dr. Londa Jue, and also the administrative staff, nurses, physician assistants, radiology technicians, and others – all of whom have very cheerfully and capably played their individual part and involved and encouraged me personally to make the care plan a reality.  To the entire Bronson Team I express my sincere thanks and gratitude!

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