The only thing he caught fishing was his finger

Daniel Moon, Family Member

My 7 year old nephew started his first day of summer break going fishing with his Grandpa and cousin, the only thing he caught was his finger. He was extremely anxious about coming to the hospital, because he knew they were going to be touching his finger with the hook in it. The staff at Bronson ED was phenomenal from the very start. Mariah, the PCT who brought us back for initial vital signs was great with him, when we got back to the room in emergency he was greeted by Kaitie and Shane, the nurses who worked with him, and they were so friendly and explained everything that was going to happen before they did it. Shane was able to start an IV first try and my nephew didn’t even feel anything. Becca who worked with my nephew did the best job advocating for him and providing distractions (that Spiderman DVD was a lifesaver) to keep him occupied. Dr. Dadurian the attending was so calm and worked well with my nephew who was very stand-offish with the staff (they were going to touch that hook, he just knew it!) but Dr. Dadurian was very gentle making sure to not cause any pain with examination. The resident, Dr. Brauchla, was the one who got the hook out of his finger and he did it super quick with no complications. The whole team answered all of our questions, and made sure that he was comfortable before, during, and after his procedure. I couldn’t have been happier with the care they provided my nephew.


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