The nurses and aids are world class!

Garry Steverson, Patient

Thank you doesn’t begin to explain how grateful I am for the Bronson’s orthopedic surgery team and the nursing staff for the second floor! The nurses are in a league of their own. My simple words cannot even begin to express how important or special they made me feel. Their care is second to NONE!

The level of care and passion the nurses for the second floor displayed was fantastic and dignified at a time when a patient is at their worst. I was in pain and miserable and yet they made me feel better and their compassion made me feel as if I was their only patient giving me full attention!

The nurses and aids are world class! Even though a thank you only scratches the surface of how I feel your fantastic care made a miserable recovery much easier and less painful, a “thank you” with all my heart is all I offer to all of you! I greatly appreciate all of the great care and attention, I shall forever be in your debt.

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