“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing patients improve.”

Jennifer Knutson, PA-C, Provider

I chose to work at Bronson because I felt that Bronson’s values aligned well with my own. I felt supported by everyone from the beginning. It was clear that everyone within Bronson cared about my personal development and success in my role.

The aspect I enjoy most about Bronson is the team-based approach to healthcare. I always feel supported by my team and that everyone shares the same goal of improving patient care. I also appreciate the care Bronson provides to its employees by offering plenty of resources to promote healthy emotional, mental and physical well-being among staff members.

I chose to practice family medicine because of a mentor I had in my rotation in a rural pediatric clinic when I was studying to become a physician assistant. My mentor’s role in his patients’ lives is the reason I pursued a career in family medicine. I wanted a career where, like my mentor, I could grow with my patients throughout their lives and establish relationships with them.

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing patients improve. It is incredibly fulfilling to see patients who have improved with therapies and regained part of their lives back. When people come to see me, it is primarily because they are seeking help or guidance to improve their health. It is through Bronson’s Positivity philosophy that providers like myself are able to promote a positive perspective on healthcare.

I want patients and staff to know that I care about their success and the hospital system as a whole. I am committed to continue learning and growing in my position. My goal is to provide as much information as I can to my patients to help them better their health and their personal lives.