The hub of information for patients and their doctors

Daniel Laird, PT, Bronson Employee

I have worked at Bronson for ten years this fall. The very first thing that I noticed about Bronson is how welcoming and warm everyone was to me. Most of my team has been working with me now for my entire career. New people who come to our team stay. I think this goes back to the family atmosphere. We rely on each other, we depend on each other, and we trust each other. It makes coming to work fun, it’s not even, “Oh my gosh, it’s Monday I have to go to work.” You’re happy to go to work and you’re happy to go home to see your family. It makes life better to have a group like that around you. Talking to my co-workers, everyone feels the same way. I’m lucky.

Our patients become part of our family, too. We see them every day and get to know about their families, pets and all those other things. We also get a lot of detail about every day aches, pains and medicine. A lot of time things just come up naturally. I contact the provider directly on the patient’s behalf or I’ll advise the patient to call their doctor. Every bit of information that I put down is available to any provider at Bronson through electronic health records. There really is open, free-flowing communication in all directions. I feel like often times when you’re in rehabilitation with us, we’re kind of the hub. Everyone that I work with is more than willing to be that advocate for our patients and make sure that everyone is on the same page.