The experience has been awesome despite everything that’s been happening

Ishicka, mom of Bronson Children's Hospital patient

Maleah is known around the Bronson Children’s Hospital Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Clinic for her colorful fashion sense and unique style. It goes hand in hand with her spunky, energetic personality. She’s been a patient at the clinic since being diagnosed with leukemia last fall. Her parents Ishicka and Shawn, and sibling Amia, say it’s Maleah herself who helps keep them positive. “She has this optimistic view of what’s going to happen,” says Ishicka. “She says ‘We are going to do this and get it done.’” During her initial stay at Bronson Children’s Hospital, Maleah enjoyed visits to the playroom every day. The child life, art and music therapy team helped make the time away from home a little easier. “They did an awesome job with getting her to feel comfortable even though she wasn’t in her own bed,” Ishicka explains.
Now, during her check-up visits, Maleah knows she can count on singing her favorite song with staff and picking out a prize after her procedures. These special services and child-friendly surroundings are supported by generous donations to the Children’s Hospital Fund. They are among the many resources to keep patients smiling and at ease. “The experience has been awesome despite everything that’s been happening. She’s developed a great relationship with  everyone. Sometimes she doesn’t want to leave!” adds Ishicka.


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