Liz exudes the most humble confidence and professionalism

Anonymous, Employee

Often times there is a big, defining moment that shapes you as a nurse…a moment where you stand out amongst the crowd. And sometimes the talent is just innate, setting you apart from day one. That’s our Liz. It was clear from the start that there was something special about this one.

On several occasions during her year as an extern, I personally had providers whisper to me as she walked away after addressing concerns regarding her patients ”is she ours?”, “She’s sharp!”, and “We need to keep her!” And keep her we did.

Liz exudes the most humble confidence and professionalism. She’s a fierce advocate for her patients. She communicates clearly with providers, her patients and families and her peers. She’s organized and on top of things, able to handle whatever the night may bring. She NEVER complains. She is always willing to jump right in, whatever the situation is. She recently had volunteered to pick up an extra shift if we needed help. We called and she came right in. She started off taking a new admission. Within a couple of hours there was a second patient coming, and despite the fact that she was still wrapping up patient #1, she graciously took the second admit. And as it goes sometimes, not long after that, patient #3 was assigned. Liz volunteered to take it without hesitation. Despite her multiple admits, she still had a smile on her face and time to help out with other patients.

The examples of times where she shines the bright are numerus. It’s just who she is. One of those examples came shortly after she completed her orientation. One night, a man far too young to be fighting for his life, was gravely injured and was brought to the hospital. He was incredibly unstable and the environment was quite chaotic as multiple people worked to save him. The massive transfusion protocol was initiated and Liz and the charge RN worked together like a well-oiled machine, despite her inexperience. Liz remained calm, never appearing flustered and appropriately delegated what she couldn’t do. Ultimately the teams efforts failed and the patient coded. At that point it was shift change, which added more people to the mix and a little bit more chaos. Liz kept watch of the clock and made sure that pulse checks and epi doses were appropriately timed. In the words of some of those in the room that day she showed great leadership and demonstrated excellent communication skills and kept the whole team organized. She’s continued to develop those leadership skills over this past year as she’s taken on the role of charge nurse and has started precepting.

We are fortunate to have her leading by example and I’m certain that as a result, we will have many more rising stars in the years to come. We are so proud to have her as part of the TCU team!