The entire staff here from the get-go were amazing

Katlyn Batten, Patient

In July I was lucky enough to welcome my third child at Bronson. She was so excited to be another beautiful Bronson baby she could hardly wait to arrive- she was in my arms 10 minutes after pulling into the parking lot. The entire staff here from the get-go were amazing. We were immediately assisted with getting a wheelchair by two employees on their coffee break (neither of which even work on that portion of Bronson’s campus.) They offered their help without hesitation and with a smile. When we got to the 4th floor the registration clerk and triage nurses did their jobs perfectly and we were able to make it to a room quickly to immediately deliver. The L&D nurses all were calm and collected amidst the chaos. I know it’s not a common occurrence to deliver a baby within 3 minutes of introducing themselves to their patients, but their demeanor and pleasant attitudes made it feel like this was another normal day on the job. I also owe a special thank you to my resident & attending doctors who were kind and collected while being rushed to the room to assist me. Bronson is a teaching hospital, and the OB staff seem to be the best group to learn from because I wouldn’t have recognized that my delivering doctor was in residency still if she hadn’t told me she was. All around I almost wish I could have spent more time with them since they made a crazy experience go so smoothly.

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