The employees did a phenomenal job explaining how they came to Bronson

Catherine LaValley, Community Member

I think this is the 8th year we’ve done the Sophomore Future Track Program, where we partnered with many employers in the Battle Creek community. I was assigned to chaperone the kids at Bronson Battle Creek. The employees did a phenomenal job explaining their journey of how they came to Bronson, what department they work for, and what they do in a typical day. This is a fantastic experience because Bronson has incorporated a hands-on aspect to each station. It was welcoming, quick-moving and engaging.

Everything has been really interesting. I started out at the laparoscopic surgery station, and I thought “I’m doing this?” But, with the help of the employees, it was easy! It’s interesting how robots are advancing the medical field.

This event gave kids practical information that they might not have known if they hadn’t seen it here.

*This story was collected at Bronson Battle Creek at the Battle Creek College Access Network’s Sophomore Future Track Program, funded by the Battle Creek Community Foundation. The program partners several employers in the community to host more than 700 students at this one-day, hands-on, career exploration experience in a field of their interest. In 2019, Bronson welcomed 11 students and hosted career stations.