The classes extensively helped me during my journey of becoming a mom

Hannah Day, Patient

As a first time mother, I decided to take the prepared childbirth class in Battle Creek,  as well as the successful breastfeeding class, to better prepare myself for labor and for the transition of becoming a mom. The prepared childbirth class informed me of what was to come in every step of my labor. It also taught me how to better handle going through that time for both my partner and I. I was able to ask questions regarding both labor and breastfeeding from a professional during the courses that extensively helped me during my journey of becoming a mom. During my labor process, I knew what to expect during each stage. Once my little guy was here, I had a much better handle on breastfeeding as well. I had such a positive experience with the prepared childbirth class and the successful breastfeeding course I took! I later decided to also take the infant massage class with my baby. The infant massage class was truly amazing! The instructor taught us things to help ease our infants pain as well as relaxation techniques.

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