The classes are fun and make us feel “positive”

Marilyn Hawkes, Patient

Both my husband and I are long time Type II diabetics and cardiac patients. After a visit to Dr. Akrami, we were both referred to the wonderful Bronson Wellness Center. My husband is participating in the cardio therapy program while we are both attending diabetes education classes. Mike has provided so much expert knowledge and guidance that we are both highly motivated (finally) to get our disease under control – living better and longer!

The classes are fun and make us feel “positive” about our ability to control our disease. Visual aids, written materials and Mike’s enthusiasm are arming us for our battle! After only a few classes, our blood sugars are noticeably getting better. For the first time in years, my blood sugar was 107 – rather than in the 190’s. As it was rising most days! Thank you Mike! Thank you Chris for your positivity and motivation!