The CISM Team has become a responsive and necessary part of Bronson

Lia Gaggino, MD, Provider

The CISM Team has become a responsive and necessary part of Bronson. It’s a necessity to offer support to employees for the very difficult work they are asked to do day in and day out. CISM also provides support to physicians and providers after difficult events.

I have participated in many CISM debriefings and defusings, and it is clear that the opportunity to share experiences, thoughts and feelings allows staff to feel cared for, to seek help and to continue their work knowing someone has their back.

CISM coordinator, Amy Morrison-Maybee has worked tirelessly to ensure needs are met, even coming in during the middle of the night and on Thanksgiving to conduct CISM events. She has built a large volunteer team who share her passion. Additionally, several other healthcare systems have looked to Bronson as a leader in healthcare and have sought Amy’s advice, insight and vision for moving this work to their hospitals.

It’s important to celebrate these caring and talented individuals. CISM is how Bronson demonstrates interest and empathy in our staff.

What is CISM? Bronson is committed to helping employees be well and live a balanced lifestyle. Following a critical or traumatic event, it can be difficult to function normally at work or home. The Bronson Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team is available to help employees through these difficult situations by providing healthy and effective coping techniques.