The child life specialist knew just what to do…. It was the best emergency room experience I’ve ever had

Nicole Kincaid, Patient's mom

Nicole Kincaid brought her six-year-old daughter Madelyn to Bronson Battle Creek’s emergency department after a mishap aboard a four-wheeler. Madelyn needed stitches for injuries to her face. “She was upset and scared,” Nicole says. A child life specialist brought immediate comfort. “She came in and had toys, and distracted Madelyn and made her think about other things. The child life specialist knew just what to do.” Child life specialists play a special role in easing the concerns of children and parents, and their work is funded by gifts to the Bronson Health Foundation.
Nicole told her husband it was “the best emergency room experience I’ve ever had.” The family is thankful knowing Bronson Battle
Creek has someone specifically trained to help calm children like Nicole who end up taking an unexpected trip to the hospital.

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