The case went exceptionally well, mostly due to Megan’s hard work

Anonymous, Community Member

Megan receiving the DAISY Award, alongside her family and coworkers.

As a Hospice nurse hospital liaison, I encounter patients in hospitals across the region who are preparing to discharge from inpatient care into hospice care. Part of my role is to assure that period of transition is as seamless as possible. While working with a patient at Bronson Battle Creek in early September there was a particular case that went exceptionally well, mostly due to the hard work of Megan Gerike, RN.

I saw her not only advocate for her patients’ pain control, but work towards a plan of care that could be continued once discharged with hospice services. I watched her asses the patient and identify individual needs. She obtained comfort through advocating for interventions like specialty tube placement, and paracentesis just prior to discharge. She worked to ensure the patient has as much comfort as possible in his/her final days.

I have a passion for hospice care, but understand hospice along with the associated thought processes and focus is not for everybody. I was thankful for and very impressed with Megan’s ability to direct this patient’s care in such a collaborative manner to align with the hospice philosophy. She is inspiring and deserves recognition for her work.