The care she received was impeccable.

Judie Maliszewski, Family Member

On May 20th my family came from Cleveland to visit and my niece Briana Brostek became very sick. Since I am a retired nurse from Borgess I sent them there. Briana was laying on the floor in the waiting room throwing up in a wastebasket, and after waiting 2 hours my sister asked how much longer and could Briana have a wet towel. They said they could not help anyone in the waiting room and it would be 2-3 hours more. They left and returned to my house. We called an ambulance and took her to Bronson. Briana was in critical care level in ER within 20 minutes. She was in MICU for 6 weeks. The care she received was impeccable. Every doctor, nurse, dialysis tech, respiratory therapist, PCA, housekeeping staff, any and all staff members were awesome. There were many days that we did not think Briana was going to make it, but every person working with her would not give up. The professionalism, knowledge, kindness, compassion that the staff displayed  was so memorable.

Every morning when I came to the hospital, I saw Marty F. from housekeeping, and he always had a smile and kind words. He helped me to start the day on a positive note.

There were so many who were just wonderful, that I hesitate to mention names for fear of missing someone. Every day when we came the staff went out of their way to make sure we were okay and to ask if they could get anything for us.

God in his mercy healed Briana through the hands and minds of the staff. I am so proud to send my family home to Cleveland knowing how superior the medical care in Kalamazoo is. From the bottom of my heart I thank each and everyone who helped save Briana.

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