The Bronson Stroke Support Group has given me the community I needed for this journey

Michelle Smith, Patient

It was just a normal day at work when suddenly I went blind in my left eye. My first thought was that I was having a stroke and that I had to get the hospital right away. The next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital unable to move my left side and my family confirming that I had a stroke. After a stay in the intensive care unit and multiple rehabilitation facilities I thought I’d go back to work right away and everything would be fine. I went through denial. Learning to cope with the impairments my stroke caused and how to keep moving forward has been one of my biggest challenges but my time spent in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy were invaluable. Thanks to my therapists (Buffi Heather, Lauren, Lisa and Kim), I now have a tool box of strategies that I can rely on to get me through any struggle I encounter. I am also grateful to my primary care doctor (Dr. Bojan Hrpka) who encouraged me to join the support group and kept pushing me forward even when I wanted to give up.
I still walk like a “wounded penguin” (a name affectionately given to me by my daughter) but I have come a long way since that day in the ER. The Bronson Stroke Support Group has given me the community I needed for this journey. It is so helpful to talk with others that have experienced a stroke and are facing some of the same struggles as I am. They understand in a way that my family and friends cannot. Six years later, I look back on my road to recovery and see all the steps Bronson had in place to help me in every part of my journey. I am grateful for the neuro care doctors that saved my life, my therapists and primary doctor who encouraged me to keep moving forward and the Stroke Support Group for providing continued support.

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