The Bronson CISM team has been so valuable

Phoebe Bailey RN, BSN, OCN, BS, Employee

The Bronson CISM team has been so valuable to Bronson Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. Our staff sometimes face the impossible task of coping with the loss of pediatric patients, whom they grow to know and care for over the course of their treatment. The CISM team always responds to our need without any delay.  In a moment’s notice, the team comes together to provide support for our doctors, nurses, medical secretaries, data coordinators, social workers and more. We are provided with a safe space for staff to verbalize their thoughts and feelings. This also allows for our team to come together and support each other.  As a supervisor, I am so glad that Bronson has this amazing resource that my staff and I can utilize in such stressful and heartbreaking circumstances.

What is CISM? Bronson is committed to helping employees be well and live a balanced lifestyle. Following a critical or traumatic event, it can be difficult to function normally at work or home. The Bronson Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team is available to help employees through these difficult situations by providing healthy and effective coping techniques.