The best experience one can get from a profession

Erica Fernandes , Employee

I will have worked at Bronson Rehabilitation Services – Centre Ave. as a physical therapist for 5 years this October. I love the work culture at Bronson. I have the independence as a physical therapist to be involved in the treatment of my patient, and the medical providers have placed good faith in me to be able to carry out my treatment plan. I have worked at several places in my career and this by far has been my best experience in terms of growth opportunities, work-life balance, respect between staff, as well as the rate at which physical therapists are reimbursed.

Bronson has been the best part of my life and it has helped me in ways unimaginable. It has given me a completely new direction in my career as a physical therapist. There is a good mix of staff with different specialties, which contributes to the uniqueness in terms of opportunities and mentorship. Physical therapists work in a team with a PT assistant. This helps make day-to-day operations a lot better and prevents burnout among physical therapists.

My absolute favorite part of working as a physical therapist is the rapport I have with my patients and the long-lasting impression they have in my mind. Each patient has something to bring to the table and that makes it an enriching experience. The best part of the day is when patients get better and tell you what a difference you make in their life and openly engage in deep conversations with you. It is the best experience one can get from a profession.

I meet individuals of different age groups, cultures and demographics. This makes every day unique. We get a wide variety of evaluations and it is a surprising mix every single day. Our front desk rehabilitation support assistants do a great job with the scheduling requirements. Every team member demonstrates the highest professional standards in providing care to their patients.

I have had great opportunities to grow professionally since Bronson encourages continuing education requirements year after year and promotes staff to acquire new skills from time to time. I have completed my Transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana, Missoula while working at Bronson. This was possible because I have a great and supportive manager and team at Centre Ave. I have been given the necessary time off to go to Montana and complete my course requirements. I am thankful for tuition reimbursement per Bronson’s policies. I have had every opportunity to complete the continuing education requirements necessary for maintaining my license. Thanks to Bronson, I have all the tools I need to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal orthopedic conditions with great functional outcomes.

Bronson, and of course the leadership team, have certainly been the biggest reason for me to live in Michigan. My manager, Carl Fried, is not only a mentor but also a great human being. He has been very involved in shaping my career as a physical therapist and guiding my thought on the research process. He is very knowledgeable and openly shares with you if you go to him with a situation. He has always been supportive in my educational journey with his ideas and expertise. Carl has always been approachable, a great team leader and a good problem solver with a calm demeanor.

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