The best at what they do

Misty Buckmaster, Patient

December of 2013 i was hospitalized for COPD chronical obstruction pulmonary disorder. My husband took me into the emergency room because i couldn’t breathe and hadn’t eaten in a couple of days. I had been taking care of him while he had been sick and i got the worst end of it but if it wasn’t for that i wouldn’t have met the nicest people i did. But due to me being put on oxygen and referred to pulmonary rehab it was the best thing ever.Because i had the two best therapists i could have thank you brenda and deb for showing and helping me manage my copd. I would recommend pulmonary rehab to anyone that has copd or any breathing problems.Because they are the best at what they do and can get the right people in to talk to you and help you understand your condition more and help you understand your meds more also. I am very thankful to brenda and deb for being there for me and like i said i would recommend them to anyone.