The entire BBC team was professional, skilled, compassionate, patient, understanding and calming

Jim McKernan, Employee

Today we share a story that recognizes the importance of team in the delivery of an Exceptional Care Experience at Bronson Battle Creek.

Recently, an older woman arrived at our hospital confused, sick and afraid. Family have shared the story and report that from the initial assistance of security guard, Rick Webb, to the caring intervention of emergency department staff and physicians to a hospital stay on C2 – all of the BBC team were professional, skilled, compassionate, patient, understanding and calming. The Exceptional Care Experience was capped off on discharge, with a ‘caring and gracious’ interaction between the patient and one of our environmental services team. Top notch!

Patients and family often cannot recall the names of their healthcare team, but they remember the skill and compassion that marked their stay. Congratulations to all at BBC for continued efforts to raise the bar and deliver Exceptional Care Experiences.