The award validates the work we’ve been doing to reduce our environmental footprint

Brendan Molony, Employee

I am so proud to work for an organization that is committed to environmentally-friendly, sustainable practices. Receiving the Practice Greenhealth Partner for Change Award for the sixth year in a row is a great accomplishment and recognizes the hard work our Healthy Living team does to reduce our environmental footprint.

To be recognized with the Partner for Change Award, healthcare organizations across the country are judged on 10 different categories. Bronson Methodist Hospital was ranked in the 90th percentile overall! Some of the reasons we ranked in the top 10 percent of organizations are:

  • 42% of the food served to patients and in our cafeterias comes from local farmers/producers.
  • We purchase 46% of our meat locally – double the average of other similar organizations.
  • We have a 33% recycling rate.
  • 88% of our cleaning chemicals are certified environmentally-friendly.
  • Improvements have been made to the surgery departments air handling equipment.
  • We’ve increased recycling for single use devices.

Our team is really proud of this award because it shows we are making positive choices as an organization for a healthier planet. Each small act has made a difference, and without the contribution of everyone at Bronson, this achievement would not have been possible!