The 3D mammogram was faster, easier and it wasn’t painful

Patricia Coyle, Patient

Having many mammograms in the past, my experience at Bronson South Haven with the new 3D mammogram was great. Mammograms can be a difficult experience for anyone with fibrocystic, lumpy breasts or large breasts. This machine was faster, easier and it wasn’t painful – the whole experience was better. With the 3D machine, you don’t have to hold your breath for as long or be squished into the machine. I have friends that have put off getting a mammogram for years because they were too unbearable with the old machine.

My technician, Lynn Blamer, was very kind. She showed me the layers on my breast and explained how much more definitive and easier it was going to be for the doctor to determine the results. I appreciate how cheerful she was and how willing she was to educate me on the new machine.

After my appointment, a volunteer medical transporter, who also happened to be a senior citizen, transported me home. I told her about my experience with the 3D mammogram and she mentioned that she was very overdue. I expressed that she didn’t have to be afraid or put it off any longer – the new machine is just so much better!

I’m so happy that Bronson South Haven offers 3D mammograms. Usually, you have to go somewhere far away or to a big city for this kind of technology. I’m thrilled that I didn’t have to go very far