That is what I call a great employee!

Joan Robinson, Family Member

I want to give a shout out to a young lady that works at Bronson Methodist Hospital. I don’t know her name but I believe she might be a person that escorts visitors to their destination in the hospital. I was visiting my sister who is a patient there on Sunday. As I was walking from my car the young lady was leaving work for the day, she saw me carrying a couple of items with one hand while using a cane in the other hand. The young lady called over to me asking if I needed help, of course I said no, but she started walking toward me saying “yes you do, let me help you.” She proceeded to get a wheelchair for me to sit in & she walked me from the garden entrance all the way up to the pulmonary department! That was such thoughtful thing for that young lady to do voluntarily! That is what I call a great employee & a great hospital for employing such a caring person!