Thanksgiving weekend was spent in a way we will never forget this year

Melissa Baetens

Thank you so much to the pediatric staff for the exceptional care that was provided to my son at Bronson Children’s Hospital this past weekend. Thanksgiving weekend was spent in a way we will never forget this year. My son, Parker, was admitted to the Pediatric Unit after being diagnosed with immune thrombocytopenic purpura, a rare disorder in which your immune system begins attacking the platelets in your blood, causing excessive bruising and bleeding. He required several doses of IV steroids and IVIG treatments to allow his body to recover enough to safely go home. Being a healthy child, we are lucky enough that he has never had to experience IV’s and frequent blood draws. This was a scary time for him, as well as our entire family. Parker felt comfortable from the very beginning. His nurses and PCAs filled his room with comforts of home- dinosaur pillowcases, fun blankets, stuffed animals. He was awarded the whole time for his bravery and for that I am extremely grateful. It is never easy seeing your child endure pain or the unknown of what diagnosis may be ahead. A special thank you to Brooke Shingledecker, RN for your care in administering Parker’s IV treatments two nights in a row and for minimizing his pain as much as possible. Jill Gordon, RN for your expertise and care of minimizing pain for him and to Kate Price, RN for such a speedy discharge! We knew it was a busy time on the unit, and fortunately, Parker was not the sickest, but we always felt very well cared for and a priority. And very importantly, thank you to Dr. Elliott and the resident team for your careful and easy-to-understand explanation of his diagnosis and for being so thorough in ruling out any other issues. Thank you to the PCAs, lab technicians and food service staff. We are not quite out of the woods yet, but we feel confident that Parker will make a full and speedy recovery! We will always choose Bronson Children’s Hospital!

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