Thanks to the rehabilitation team at Bronson, my knee is back to 100 percent after my knee replacement surgery.

Dave Hudson, Patient

Dave Hudson, a Battle Creek resident, had been putting up with extreme pain in his knee for decades after suffering a meniscus tear during his football career at Western Michigan University in the 1960s.

At that time, the tear required surgery and removal of the cartilage that cushions the shinbone and thighbone. That didn’t end Dave’s football career though as he and his team went on to win the 1966 MAC championship.

After college, Dave continued to live an active lifestyle running multiple times a week and working as the head football coach at Pennfield High School for 22 years. All of the activity eventually caught up with him and he started to experience excruciating pain that was getting hard to ignore.

“After more than 50 years of bone-on-bone wear and tear, I knew I needed to have something done to relieve the pain,” shares Dave. “That is when I decided to have my knee replaced.”

After his knee replacement surgery, Dave knew it was extremely important to choose a rehabilitation center with an experienced therapy team. He asked his orthopedic surgeon to refer him to Bronson Rehabilitation Services in Battle Creek for that very reason.

During his physical therapy, Dave met with physical therapist Jonathan and physical therapist assistant Kirstey – who Dave nicknamed ‘Killer’ – multiple times a week over several weeks.

“Kirstey was relentless, but that’s exactly what I needed,” says Dave. “That’s why I gave her the nickname ‘Killer.’ She pushed me very hard and I knew I was progressing more quickly thanks to the techniques and services that were being prescribed.”

“Dave had been a football coach for many years so he had a good understanding of exercise coming in,” says Kirstey. “I had to come up with new and challenging exercises for him including core, hip, knee and ankle strengthening.”

“Normally rehab is thought to be really painful and hard to complete, but I always enjoyed going,” says Dave. “The entire staff treated me like family. And now, when I hear friends or family talking about needing rehabilitation services, I always say choose Bronson.”

After many weeks of therapy, Dave is now getting back to doing all the things he did prior to his knee replacement surgery with one noticeable difference – no pain.

“Thanks to the rehabilitation team at Bronson, I am back to 100 percent on my knee,” states Dave. “With two grandsons, that is extremely important to me. Even though the football ship has sailed for me, I am so excited to have the opportunity to watch my grandsons hit the rocket football fields this fall and maybe even have the opportunity to teach them a thing or two.”