Thanks to Shauna for paying attention to detail and speaking up for safety

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Today we recognize RN Shauna Quick from our float pool team for critical thinking, paying attention to detail, and speaking up for safety.

Recently, Shauna was caring for a patient who was struggling with extremely thin blood – unable to clot and stop bleeding. The patient had reportedly taken vitamin K to thicken the blood, but after several days was still experiencing bleeding. Shauna was surprised and began to look deeper into the patient record. Blood levels remained dangerously thin. No documentation of vitamin K was found in the chart. She called the pharmacy and they also had no record of vitamin K. Shauna had made a ‘great catch’ and was able to page a physician and advance the medication to treat and solve the condition.

Thanks to Shauna Quick for paying attention to detail and speaking up for safety.  And thanks to all across Bronson who are accountable and persistent in providing the best care for our patients.