Thanks to our partnership with Bronson, I have been able to secure the next generation of our family farm

Norm Carlson, Community Member

I own Carlson’s Farm, a family farm south of Lawton. We are one of the major suppliers of the eggs and beef used at Bronson Methodist Hospital. We actually supply around 560-600 eggs to the hospital every week! What first attracted me to Bronson was our shared vision and passion for food and sustainable industry. It is amazing to see how the organization has brought in a whole team dedicated to providing better food and nutrition for the whole community – employees, patients, visitors…everyone! Their chefs, nutritionists and healthy living team have have brought food to the forefront of their organization and are educating people on how food can be a form of medicine.

For me personally, the partnership we have built with Bronson over the years means the world to me. Because of how much food we are able to provide to the hospital on a regular basis, I have been able to secure the next generation of our family farm. I would never have been able to hire my sons or any of our other team members if it wasn’t for Bronson. I want to thank them for partnering with me and for the dedication to providing nutritious, local food to your patients, employees, visitors and the community!