Thanks to Mallory for delivering an exceptional care experience

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Today we recognize nuclear medicine technologist Mallory Bowerman for creativity, compassion and delivering exceptional care experiences.

Recently, Mallory was assisting a paraplegic patient who was visiting Bronson Battle Creek for a nuclear medicine bone scan. This imaging procedure occurs on a narrow table and the patient was having difficulty getting comfortable and ‘still’ for the 20-minutes scan. Mallory used a strap to help secure the patients legs, providing both comfort and a better quality image. After the procedure, the patient expressed appreciation and shared with Mallory that he was struggling to sleep at night – and wondering if he could obtain a similar strap. To ‘make a long story short,’ Mallory researched the request and discovered the strap is NOT available through medical stores. Undeterred, she called our medical suppliers . . . chased funding from her department . . . ordered the strap, and delivered it to the patient. Her compassion, persistence, and creativity are a great example of our Standards for Excellence in action.

Thanks to Mallory for delivering an exceptional care experience. And thanks to many across Bronson who problem-solve each day to assure the best possible care for our patients and families.