Thanks to Kathy Wieas for being a great patient advocate

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Today we recognize pre-admission screening nurse Kathy Wieas for paying attention to detail, diligence, and the delivery of exceptional care experiences.

Recently, Kathy was completing a pre-surgical phone call with a patient who was preparing for a simple procedure at BBC.  The patient shared some details of a recent medical episode and some ongoing issues.  While the simple procedure that was planned did not require any pre-op testing and work-up . . . the conversation about ongoing issues led Kathy to review clinical notes from a previous admission.  Most significantly, she discovered the patient never completed some tests recommended following the previous admission.  Connecting-the-dots, Kathy helped the patient schedule those tests and a significant medical issue was discovered – and a potentially dangerous surgical complication was avoided.

Thanks to Kathy Wieas for being a great patient advocate and helping to assure the delivery of safe and effective care.  And thanks to employees and physicians across Bronson who go the extra mile for our patients.