Thanks to Jeremy at the BAC, I was able to exercise my way to better health instead of having surgery!

Carrie Gumpert, Bronson Athletic Club Member

I have post traumatic arthritis in my ankle due to a horrible car accident. My surgeon told me the only way to get better is to fuse the bones together, and I could relieve some pain by joining the gym. I toured Bronson Athletic Club and felt right at home so I got a membership to the club to swim to help keep the swelling and pain down. I also ride one of the bikes and use an elliptical. I’ve lost 15 pounds and feel much better. But I’m a single mother and have 4 children so I was hoping I could do better. I set up an appointment with a trainer here and he specializes in post surgery training. The first time I met with him I felt a ton more flexibility and he told me that he thought we could really make things better for me. Well it’s been a couple of months now and I no longer trip over my own feet which may not sound like much but it really is. He has an amazing amount of knowledge and is very charismatic. I know when my sessions are done I will miss them immensely. Not physically, because he’s simplified everything for me so I can do it on my own, but because he’s a very special person. I am grateful for the encouragement and care that he has given me while at the same time pushing me further than I thought I could go. After being laid up for 6 months after the accident, I feel so much stronger. We are currently working on strengthening my core. Hard work pays off! And by the way, I didn’t need to fuse my bones together permanently! I needed Bronson Athletic Club and Jeremy Mutchler.