Thanks to Jackie Worthington for going ‘above and beyond’

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Today we recognize Jacquelyn Worthington from our retail pharmacy for being a problem solver, treating people with courtesy and kindness, and delivering compassionate, exceptional care experiences.

Recently, Jackie was helping a nursing home patient who was relocating to Battle Creek from out-of-state.  The move to Battle Creek followed a medical emergency and some of the medications were lost en route.  Jackie worked closely with the patient, family, a provider in North Carolina, and eventually pursued Medicare in order to have critical medications refilled.  Her diligence served the dual purpose of avoiding the cost of an Emergency Department visit – and providing comfort to the patient and family.

Thanks to Jackie Worthington for going ‘above and beyond’ to deliver an exceptional care experience.  And thanks to staff across Bronson who work every day to meet the unique and emergent needs or our community.

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