Thanks to Bronson and their staff for being absolutely amazing in every possible way

Sarah Simmons, Patient

One day, after recovering from a bad case of poison ivy and collecting firewood the evening before, I started to notice an itching weird feeling in my left elbow and some slight swelling. I figured it was the poison ivy healing and/or a mosquito or other bug bite. So I put some cream on it and kept about my everyday life.

Two days go by and the swelling slowly continued, the itching worsened and every time my elbow was touched, bumped, and even sometimes brushed there was pain. Showed me how often Id lean on or even use my elbows (eye-opening). I searched online and saw all kinds of things to do for bug bites and tried almost all over the next day or two, hoping it would go down.

Over those last two days my boyfriend would say “if it hurts that bad, go to the hospital.” I’d just figured it would be fine on it’s own. It wasn’t.

I went to Bronson June 28th, 2018 at around 1 or 2 a.m. most of that night was a blur, just worried and trying to distract myself, I guess I succeeded even though I wish I’d been paying more attention. I was given an antibiotic, a prescription, and had the swelling on my arm outlined with a blue marker with instructions to return if the swelling moved beyond it. My mom and I left around 3 or 4a.m. and I passed out immediately when I got home.

Around 7 a.m. I woke up to a light headbutt from one of my dogs, a white pit bull named Cracker, and was flooded with pain. I started sobbing and apologizing to Cracker for getting upset (he’d gotten very sad because he just wanted to cuddle). My boyfriend woke up and we turned on the light, my arm had swollen almost completely, including my usually small (almost boney looking) hand. I couldn’t believe my eyes and was in more pain than I could bear.

At the hospital they’d given me their diagnosis, again (even though it felt like the first time since I hadn’t paid attention earlier on in the morning), it was a word I’d also recognized from my searched online but didn’t pay any mind to. Cellulitis.

My doctor asked me how I felt about staying at the hospital, I really didn’t want to but between me, mom, and Tim (boyfriend) it was decided best to stay, they got me into a room as soon as they could and I was there only as long as they made me (I REALLY REALLY missed my dogs, they’re my babies). I was discharged July 4th, 2018.

During my stay everyone there was nicer to me than most people had been my entire life, I love the people I met and grateful for every single one, hopeful to be able to express my gratitude.

The food was also amazing compared to what I had thought it would be. Haha.

Every morning a man with blonde hair (this experience was one where I really wish I was better with remembering names) would come see me, after my daily 5a.m. blood draw/panic attack (I CAN’T stand needles), and check out my arm and elbow, he was an orthopedic surgeon and his hands were the softest I’ve ever felt.

I also had at least 3 nurses that I will never forget. 1, a night-time nurse, was a girl who seemed like she’d been in the profession for many years, rather than having just graduated school 1½ years before, she was very pretty and extremely sweet, and one night washed my hair with some weird shampoo cap, no water needed, and it warmed, it was awesome. The last night I’d seen her shed said she was going on a small trip with her boyfriend. The 2nd was a girl with blonde hair who was again, very pretty and very sweet, she’d come talk to us whenever she wasn’t busy and braided my hair after I’d showered. I liked both of them quite a lot and wish I could get to know then better, they seem like lovely people. The 3rd was a gentleman who was very caring and good at his job, he was very nice. The day he was assigned me he came into my room and asked if I’d like at shower. I was ecstatic! (When I’d asked about showering the day before, to a different nurse, I’d been told I couldn’t because of my IV.) He got me what I needed and taped a glove and plastic bag to my arm over the IV and left me to what I thought was the best shower ever, haha.

I am so thankful to these 4 people and all of the staff that worked around and with me during that time. I’m also grateful to my mom and boyfriend for having stayed with me during my stay, (everyday my boyfriend would ride his bike to and from Bronson, his job in portage, and our home in Oshtemo to take care of our dogs, yeah, he’s amazing :). Thank you for reading, and thanks to Bronson and their staff for being absolutely amazing in every possible way.

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