Thanks Karla for delivering an exceptional care experience

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Today we recognize and celebrate Karla Walch, RN, for literally covering all of the Bronson Key Behaviors:  Be Respectful, Be Accountable, Be Well, and Be a Problem Solver.

Recently, in her role as a case manager, Karla was contacted by a family forced to evacuate their home in Florida by Hurricane Irma.  The family was staying in this area – and one member was in active treatment for cancer.  Armed with full medical records, they expected to be able to manage the disease while here in Michigan.  Without getting into details, there were some regulatory issues that impacted needed medications.  Karla worked tirelessly to resolve the problems . . . including calls with family, with local pharmacies, with medical practices, and eventually with our Cancer Care Center team.  The patient received the needed help and the family is very thankful for the persistent problem solving efforts put forth by Karla.

Thanks Karla for delivering an exceptional care experience.  And thanks to all across Bronson who combine problem solving and persistence to assure that we deliver the very best care to our patients and their families.