Thanks, Art, for being the ‘champion’ and organizer of a fun, new tradition

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Today we recognize Bronson Battle Creek executive chef Art Streano for creativity and supporting exceptional care experiences through strong employee engagement.

This past week our Summer Celebration included a fun and entertaining new event.  BBC staff performed in our very first Talent Show.  The Talent Show was the brainchild of Art Streano . . . who shared the idea, gained administrative support, promoted it, and then managed the acts during Summer Celebration.  (He even found time to perform in the show himself!) It was a fun, creative new tradition that promotes a healthy workplace and allowed staff to share some of their away-from-work passions.

Thanks Art for being the ‘champion’ and organizer of a fun, new tradition.  And thanks to many across Bronson whose good work on our Summer Celebration delivered a strong ‘thank you’ to our Bronson team.