Thank you to his wonderful care givers

Vicki Crawford, Family Member

My father has been hospitalized 6 times in the last 9-10 weeks. Can you imagine an 82 year old going through that at this time? The first few admits took 3 days to get COVID results back so he had to be on the COVID Unit, as he displayed those symptoms even though he had been quarantined for weeks before that. We highly assumed he did not have that, but, for precautions, he had to be admitted to that unit which scared us so much, afraid that he could get it being there. For the next few admits the testing came back sooner. For the last, tests were back within hours and he could go to a general floor.

The reason I am writing this, is to thank the wonderful care givers he had while there. I obviously do not remember most of them, as he had so many admits. The Hospitalists he had on the last admit were absolutely amazing! Dr. Grossman and Dr. Punke called me every day and were always happy to answer any questions. They tried everything they could to figure out what was happening to my dad.  I also spoke to Dr. Akl, the System Director of Inpatient Care, and he went over my dad’s records also. Thank you Beth Craaybeek, a Physician Office Coordinator, for putting me in touch with the correct staff and following up to be sure things were going well.

My dad also had great nurses, PCAs, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapist while there, but because we were not allowed to visit, I do not have their names. I wish I did, so I could name them all. I know he was on the 2nd floor South Campus.  Thank you to them and to all the nurses and PCAs on the COVID Unit, as well. You are an amazing group of people and we cannot thank you all enough! Thank you for being Front Line and doing it at 200%!